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My Medical Journey

January 2020


Taking Things Day by Day 


Re-entering The World

Thank You, Lord

Unafraid to Ask for Help 

All is NOT Well 

An Attempt at the Movies

Acceptance Doesn’t Come Easily 


Between Isolation and Comfort

I Am Who I Am 

More Unknowns

Good News

What Will Today Bring? 

My Teeth are Staying!

December 2019

A Thanksgiving Feast

This Calls for Ice Cream 

The Importance of Realization 

My Love for Lists

I’m Sorry. 

Finding What I Was Seeking

Trauma is Inescapable

Working Through the Trauma

Two of my Favorite Things

I Bow to Mother Nature

I Am Drained

The Power of Accomplishment

Going Away to Heal 

Tucked Away from The World

A Nourishing Good Omen 

Finally Saying Yes

102 Days After the Accident

Stitch Free!

A Day in the Life

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

My Body Wants to Heal 

From the Airport to the Emergency Room 

SFO Round Two 

There’s No Place Like Home

A Hanukkah Miracle

Back in the ER

Another Hanukkah Miracle

The Night Before Christmas

Looking For Light

Surrounded By Darkness

Grateful for Vegan Ice Cream Runs

I Am Not the Same Erin 

Looking Back on 2019

Hello World

A Simple Thank You 

Struggling To Get Better

A Step Towards Recovery 

Patience and Pills

Why Do I Feel This Way 

Healing is Hard

The Highlight of My…

The Battle Continues

Grateful To Feel Seen 

A Difficult Decision 

I Can’t Win 

A Moment of Appreciation 

Taking on The Day 

Pure Exhaustion 


Knowing My Body 

A Language of Love


God Bless My mother

A Week of Appointments 

Celebrating The Wins

What Is a Good Day? 

Doing The Best I Can 

Everything is Connected

Searching for Wisdom 

The 15th Anniversary of Turning Green 

The Sunrise

Back to the Surgeon 

Continuing Onwards

The Balance between Grateful and Distraught

May Today be the Worst Day 



How Can I Keep Moving… 

I Still Love You 

When Will Calm Return 

Focusing on Healing


Nothing is Changing

The World is Carrying on…

Thankful For Vegan Pumpkin…

When Nothing is Planned…

I’ll Be Back

Seeking Positive Energy

The Journey Continues

A Nightmare

One Day Closer to Healing

An Invitation 

This Trauma

Thank You 

Counting My Blessings

The Fragility of Health

Medical Practice

What Do I Do? 

Moving Forward

The Other Side of Fear

Please, Send Love

septemBER 2019

Grateful For Modern Medicine

I Still Believe

Grateful For My Mother

Day Follows Night

Saying Yes

Trying To Find Hope

Two Weeks Out

Taking Time to Heal

What Can I Do?

Less Doing, More Resting

A Change In Perspectives

I Want To Feel Right

Trying To Stay Positive

A Full Day of Dentistry

Community and Faith

Time Is a Blessing

There is Light…

Prayers on Rosh Hashanah