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Taking On The Day

November 14th, 2019


I woke up from car crash nightmares four times last night, finally rising jarringly with my mouth bleeding because of an issue with the stitches inside, horrific pain across my eye socket, and a dizzy spell more intense than usual. I breathed deeply, slowly got out of bed, washed my mouth out with care, took the long list of medicines, texted my doctor with updates, then dug deep to harness a strength I didn’t know I possessed — and set to mixing and matching superfoods to blend up a green protein smoothie. I am now bandaging my face and bundling up in a protective coat to venture out into the big bad world, despite its countless variables that terrify my traumatized self. I will wear big sunglasses, raise my hood, breathe deeply, recite affirmations, ensure my seatbelt is buckled tight, and look both ways multiple times before so much as taking a step.

If I am truly committed to healing and full recovery of mind and body, there is no choice but to take on this day… to try a new acupuncturist, see a Chinese medicine doctor, pickup tinctures at the herbal pharmacy, have an in-person psychiatrist appointment, and maybe, if I’m lucky and there's an opening, meet another highly recommended neurologist before resting in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and returning home for a phone call with a therapist and mashed up vegan foods, shakes, soups and puddings that chef friends graciously deliver, with icepacks on my face and a mindless Christmas movie… or something like that. Because beyond the smoothie I’m carefully spoon feeding myself at this very moment, who can possibly know what today has in store?!

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