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Take your dorm — or any living space — green! Caring for our planet is a shared responsibility; it isn’t just buying organic or recycled, but rather about understanding our personal impact and the steps we can each take daily to lighten our footprint. Our longtime key Turning Green initiative: Project Green Dorm (PGD) presents simple ways to green the back-to-school routine, whether in a dorm, off campus housing, or an apartment. Each of the twelve lifestyle categories featured in PGD, has an corresponding Pinterest board highlighting products, resources, and tips for a sustainable college lifestyle.


Our goals are to encourage you to buy less and shop smart. Look for labels like USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Non-GMO Verified, BPA-free, 100% post-consumer recycled, and items that are second hand, recycled and upcycled as you are settling in to your new living space. If you buy new, purchase sustainably. Support businesses and companies that are doing right by you and the planet. Informed consumers can and will change the world!


Check out our Green Home in detail and use this handy checklist!​

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