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M+B Hike

March 8, 2020


“I’m proud of us.” Me too, momma. "We made it up the hill.” We did indeed: Momma and Buni went on a hike (… really a short stroll, though certainly the closest attempt to one of our beloved Marin County hikes since my accident). I’ve been immensely proud to be your daughter, proud to walk by your side, proud to do life together since my earliest of memories — and never more than these past six months. This period of recovery is by far the most time we’ve spent together since I moved to New York City at age sixteen, unexpectedly now finding ourselves living under the same roof as two adults, albeit my being in need of a caretaker, a role into which you stepped boldly and bravely with compassion, dedication and remarkable strength of character. I cannot recall one single day where I have not felt profoundly blessed to be your daughter and beyond fortunate to be raised by the most courageous, resilient, passionate woman, powerhouse leader and beautiful spirit I have ever come across anywhere on this earth. I knew that innately as a kid and have experienced it grow increasingly clear with age and perspective. I don’t know how you’ve architected, crafted and gifted us with this life — and it has been anything but easy, uncomplicated or linear, the degree to which few grasp — but oh how I marvel at and appreciate every element you have and continue to bring, create and make possible. Just wow. You truly are my best friend in whom I confide about far too much, the wisest teacher through both word and deed, my crazy coconspirator in personal and professional endeavors, my ride-or-die adventure partner, the sacred rock I know I can always always count on, the phenomenal woman I aspire to be. I am me because you are you — and as long as we're navigating this journey hand in hand, I believe that we will make it up the hills of tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow. #MommaAndBuni #IWD

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