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New Tooth!

FEBRUARy 27, 2020

I have a new toooooth — and it’s pretty and even and white and actually where teeth are supposed to be. Today’s lengthy dental appointment began with the doctor and nurses reminiscing about what an unbelievable ordeal every step of this arduous oral recovery process has been: “I’ve done thousands of root canals and never seen anything like that happen from a broken bone. Ever.” But it ended with me having two properly-shaped front teeth of the same length and size and (similar) color. This is a first since the accident!!! Though not quite in alignment yet, my tongue doesn’t stick through the hole and air/food/water no longer come in and out at their leisure. Progress is progress, and this is major.

While I am still not able to bite directly into anything — because of intense shooting pain above my front teeth where the bone was/is broken, and now also because of the fragility of the new composite bonding — I can chop up almost any food into little pieces and carefully avoid my front teeth to chew on the sides of my mouth. I still have to wear a brace, and had a new one molded today (to fit my new tooth!) — in order to correct painful and problematic jaw misalignment — but don’t need it on all the time. I still have to schedule additional appointments — including adding the field of orthodonture to my medical mix — though love and trust my dentist, his staff, expertise, judgment, recommendations, skill and artistry.

This is far and away the best my teeth have looked in months — September 6, 2019 to be exact! I haven’t stopped smiling since the nurse said with a grin mid-procedure, “You’re gonna like it!” before my dentist even held up the mirror for me to take a look. And for the first time in what feels like ages, I like my smile.

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