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Knowing My Body

November 15th, 2019


I have gotten pretty good at discerning when something isn’t right health wise — and that was clearly the case with my mouth when I woke up this morning. Overnight, the pain had become more acute, lip more swollen, gums more enflamed, yet stitches still no different. So I reached out to the surgeon who did the reconstructive facial operations, which, among other areas of focus, included procedures both inside and outside of my mouth. I cannot say enough about what it means to have an incredibly skilled, attentive, present surgeon — and this doctor and his brilliant team have been remarkable since our first communications, a major reason why I chose him over other top surgeons. Although currently returning from a trip overseas (in time for our next post-op appointment on Monday), he replied in real time to photos of my mouth that the head of his office was sending from here in Beverly Hills, offering expert assessment, guidance and confirmations. Thank you, technology! The tail of the thread at one end of the stitches did not dissolve, as most of the internal sutures are in the process of doing, so it was pulling at the others, stressing the not-yet-sealed opening, creating painful tension and stabbing my gums as it flapped and rotated, exacerbated by contact with even liquids. Now, that problematic piece is gone, with only a small scab in its place, such that the rest of the stitches can continue to be absorbed and heal internal wounds. While still painful and aggravated, my mouth already feels significantly better physically, coupled with the benefits of peace of mind… AND that the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has granted Rodney Reed an indefinite stay of execution, meaning he no longer has an execution date. Onwards towards recovery and justice!

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