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January 6, 2020


Listening to Bob Marley, internalizing the sweet songs and songs of freedom alike, feeling the melodies pure and true, freeing my mind, burning Palo Santo, breathing deeply… and yes, this woman may be shedding a tear in bed at nearly 3am. Oh how I need dark day to come out to light — to self love, soul love, brother-sister love, one love. Bless up. If you know me, you know what this man, this music, this message have meant to my beliefs, activism, motivations and positive living ever since I was a tiny little girl, even when the road of life is rocky. Perhaps I should go back to the spirit, smiles, sun, salt water and soulfulness of Jamaica to heal for a bit? Hmm… and whether you see lyrical meaning woven in all throughout above or haven’t a clue what I'm talking about, I will simply say I am surrendering to, praising and trusting in Bob, and the powers that be, to never give up the fight and that somehow someway everything gonna be alright.

Thank you, Lord, for what you've done for me.
Thank you, Lord, for what you're doing now.
Thank you, Lord, for ev'ry little thing.

And no, the idea of Lord has no absolutes, no one faith, form, gender, ethnicity, nationality, political persuasion or anything of the sort. 🙏🏾

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