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January 20, 2020


My teeth are not yet in alignment, not yet the same length, not yet the right shape, but now they are mostly the same color at least. 🦷 👏🏾 Apart from the infamous tooth with zero vitality (and still questionable prognosis), my dental team made a point of telling me how well the rest responded to today’s UV-bleach-high-tech treatment. While any positive medical news is clearly welcome, my untrained eyes simply know that my dark teeth appear less dark (good), though the composite bonding on the damaged ones now stands out more (not good, though not bad either), which my dentist says can and will be fixed. I trust him fully, as he has not once steered me wrong or made false promises. With a new mouth brace in hand that I’m to continue wearing for 16 hours a day and a tube of perishable heavy duty bleach in my pocket to apply daily with great care on that tooth I loathe, though am grateful is somehow managing to hold its own in my battered mouth, I’m off to my next appointment… by way of a Lyft, where my driver has decided to call me Wonder Woman. He hasn’t a clue what I’ve been through, yet offered up (unsolicited!) that I clearly have super powers! I’m taking his word for it.

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