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March 7, 2020


Don’t you see how fragile I still am? How precarious my health remains? How unreliable my body and brain are? Perhaps not. Six months may have passed since my accident, but I am still forced to fight unexpected battles, face wild challenges and overcome negative ramifications from the trauma every hour of every day. We all struggle with challenges unknown to the outside world, unknown to ourselves sometimes. I’m not asking for or expecting special personal treatment, nor do I wish for anyone to go out of their way to accommodate my ever-changing realities amid recovery. I simply wish for us all to consciously put in the effort to be more kind, more sensitive, more understanding to everyone. I need that right now, to attempt to salvage what is left of a truly lovely day, though one I’ve heretofore been unable to enjoy. And I believe that all individuals, relationships and humanity need, deserve and would benefit vastly from increased awareness, empathy and goodness. May we open our ears, minds, hearts and therein opportunity for healing, connection and beauty.

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