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FEBRUARy 7, 2020


Well wishes matter. Prayers matter. Thoughts matter. Good energies. Positivity. Juju. All that you put into the universe, I feel. ✨ I continue to be utterly blown away by how many beautiful souls keep me in your hearts, minds and words in a multitude of forms, faiths, cultures and practices day after day, week in, week out, for months on end and still today. No one needs to care, support or remember me, especially in a world with such madness, sadness and craziness, yet you do — and no matter what you or I or anyone believe in or how we view spirituality, the very fact that an individual nearby or a world away makes the effort to include me is transformative. All is felt, needed and so deeply appreciated. ✨ Shabbat shalom.

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