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Grateful for My Mother

September 16, 2019


My mommy washed my hair for the first time since the accident — and the first time since I was a little girl. She pureed a sweet potato and mashed avocado with a drizzle of nourishing olive oil. Before leaving, she poured me fresh green juice, carefully placed homeopathy under my tongue and removed the complicated lids on medicine bottles. She just sent me this photo that she snapped of our hands giving each other strength as I lay in bed in pain this morning, fortifying my spirits while she is at work.


Earlier, as I lay on a sterile operating table and the doctor poked and prodded at my eye socket, breaking scabs to remove some of the stitches and informing me that I’ll need additional surgeries, my sweet momma placed a hand on my stomach, reminding me to breathe deeply. What would I possibly do without my mother, my light, my strength, my everything?


I think of the blessed memory of my dear Alisa — and her five children who had the graces of their mom’s touch, presence and smile for too few years, though now her love and protection everlasting from the heavens above and embedded deep within their hearts, albeit amid unimaginable tragedy.


Thank you, incredible mother of mine, for the gift of life and for all that you continue to compassionately, tirelessly and selflessly do for an ever grateful daughter, especially in my time of intense physical and emotional need. #MommaAndBuni forever and always.

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