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A Day In The Life

DECEMBER 18, 2019


Another day in the life: seeing doctors and drinking smoothies (and, yes, watching the news at this historic moment for our country).

My medical team is going to painstaking lengths to try to save one of my front teeth, which means splints, root canals, mouth braces, retainers, hands-on treatment, and still no solid foods, pressure or chewing of any kind. After an old model of my teeth broke and two molds failed, my (tireless and wonderful) dental team took yet another impression, hastened the drying process with fans, and successfully fitted me with a new brace to reflect the movement of my teeth. This one should provide relief, propel recovery and carry us through the new year, when further decisions will be made about additional oral procedures, necessary surgeries and the fate of fractured teeth. My osteopath also supported this goal, by working intensely on my increasingly sore jaw, a result of head trauma, lasting dental issues, the growing mass in my lip, bizarre positioning in attempt to overcompensate for pain, and ongoing tension all throughout my face. I screamed, I cried, I winced as his physician hands worked within and around my mouth… then headed out, sore and swollen, mason jar (and Twitter feed — where you can go to read what I’m thinking about all things impeachment) in hand, to get a green smoothie with lots of healthy plant protein, lots of good fats, and lots of necessary chocolate chips. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Read more of my journey here. 
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