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Two Weeks Out

September 20, 2019


Life is not okay right now. Nothing adds up. Nothing works right. Nothing has clarity. Nothing makes sense. Nothing is as it was. But it does not have to be in this moment, I'm learning. ✨ I am here. I honor this pause. I sit with the challenges. I hold space for emotion. I focus on gratitude. I count my blessings. I believe I will make it through. Perspective is a profound gift, as is time, community and love. 🙏🏾 If you are willing, please share wisdom, mantras and inspiration with a battered body and muddled mind that are in dire need of renewed strength and fortification. All of your words, wishes and prayers — as well as messages, cards and gifts — really do lift me, even if just for a momentary reprieve. And as I stare into the candlesticks before ushering in Shabbat, two weeks after my accident, I continue to seek solace in myself, in others, in unlikely places and in the universe.

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