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March 12, 2020


The sun still shines. When everything is or seems to be halted, upended, eliminated, challenged, canceled, uncertain, in jeopardy — I find great comfort in the light of day. Its miraculous presence, remarkable power and limitless energy permeate my skin and psyche alike. For months post-accident, I could not be outside, only able to experience sunshine through the windowpanes, which I grew to appreciate even from a distance, craving its arrival after frequent, lengthy, painful nights. I now spend short periods sitting happily and safely outside each and every day, undaunted with a wide-brimmed had shielding my face and protective layer of sunscreen across all, especially my still-sensitive, still-enflamed, still-healing uncovered red and white and pink scars. I open myself to, absorb and relish in the fundamental, restorative, illuminating force that is sunlight — an especially potent, necessary, transformative element at a time when my soul, community, norms and world feel challenged, if not overcome by darkness. Today, I lay down on my deck to fully take in its glorious rays. Let there be light. Let it shine. Let it be yours.

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