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Saying Yes

September 19, 2019


I’m learning to say yes, to accept help, to allow others to do for me… so please, stay the course with me. Countless caring souls have reached out since the accident, generously asking how they can help in my time of need, to which I cannot seem to find a good answer. I haven’t felt that I need much, other than love, time and healing. But a friend just taught me a really important lesson — when she thoughtfully, quietly and graciously dropped off four mason jars full of nourishing smoothies outside my door. She knows that I am not yet ready for visitors, can only eat mushy and liquid foods, and love plant-based organic goodness. That simple gesture meant the world to me. Thank you to everyone who has written a message, recorded a video (I feel your presence!), mailed a card (my mailbox has never been so happy!), sent a delivery, offered a recommendation (keep the great doctors and alternative healing solutions coming!) or kept me in your thoughts, prayers and heart. When I need it most, when I feel alone in my bed, when I am overwhelmed by medical stress, when I wake in pain — YOU are all there, here, with me. And I appreciate it more than words can express… even if I could speak properly, which unfortunately still seems a long way off. Until then, I will keep writing to process, continue on this journey of healing, and humbly reinforce my gratitude: thank you.

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