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October 10, 2019


The world will be there waiting… and so it was. ✨ Whether a 25-hour Yom Kippur interval on the holiest of Holy Days, a weekend away in nature sans tech, seven days in the dust for a liberated Burning Man or however long this healing journey takes, which is a long road of recovery yet to come amid ongoing medical complications, the world, its people and all happenings will be just fine without me — and hopefully open to welcoming me back whenever I am truly ready, restored, renewed.


Yes, the world is waiting, but nothing is so urgent that it cannot wait. Friends and strangers alike have been reminding me of this ever since my accident, reiterating that it is okay, encouraged even, to press pause on the life I once knew, to take dedicated time away to heal, to disconnect from all pressures and professional responsibilities, to trust that a singular focus on healing is the best possible use of my time and energy, not only for my own physical health and mental wellbeing in the short and long term, but also for that in which I believe and seek to return to one day. Others can and will continue to fight the good fights, further causes, serve humbly, show up where needed and drive movements whilst I heal, as humanity has past, present and future.


Faraway as it may seem right now, the moment will one day arrive when a strong, clear, committed version of myself does feel ready to return to the world — to self, to work, to place, to comfort, to purpose, to community, to doing what feeds my soul, to living my values, to embodying, manifesting and radiating the bright light with which I once proudly identified. Until then, I will be here — concentrated on even surrendering to healing, seeking to rid myself of stresses, searching for small joys, largely away from electronics, removed from the outside world, consuming simple foods, not controlled by notifications or deadlines or breaking news, and perhaps illustrating more simple words like this. While there was levity, freedom and excitement in an intentional pause for but one day yesterday, I have come to see this is unbelievably difficult to sustain for an unknown period of time. That remains my current challenge. And I trust that the world and I will somehow find a new harmony.

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