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A Language Of Love

November 16th, 2019


Food is my love language. 😍 My best friends are dropping off and sending the most incredible, thoughtful, delicious edible care packages to nourish my body and soul. These past few days have been particularly painful, challenging and stressful… and deliveries of fresh, organic, vegan ingredients and homemade food to my front door have brought such unexpected joy. Thank you for knowing me and my health nut heart so unbelievably well, and fueling my body’s recovery and regeneration with balanced, nutrient-rich, plant-based sustenance. I must learn to make the following purées ASAP: chocolate chia pudding, layered sweet potato pumpkin pie, and fig oatmeal with cream and spirulina… because my hungry self might just finish every last spoonful of these heavenly jars by tonight.

Read more of my journey here. 
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