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Christmas Love

DECEMBER 19, 2019


Dearest family (and everyone) — I will be coming home for Christmas. It’s official! ♥️🎄❄️☕️🍫🧦🔥✨ Those who know me know that I literally wait all year for the holidays — and the only thing that’s remained on my calendar since my accident is our treasured family gathering at my grandmother’s home in Boston. I’ve maintained faith that I would be well enough to be there, and have now gotten the okays from doctors to make my final decision… so at least this half of my face is definitely going!!

I love Christmas. I don’t just mean like, I mean house-decorating 💡 tree-trimming 🎄 cookie-baking 🍪 snow man-making ☃️ carol-singing 🎶 Christmas-movie-watching 🎥 snow-wishing ❄️ cocoa-sipping ☕️ North Pole-dreaming 🎅🏼🦌🛷 family-gathering 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 generosity-spreading 🙌🏾 full-fledged adoration of the spirit of how we celebrate the holiday that has meant so much to me since I was a tiny little girl.

So if you need me, I’ll be wandering around in festive socks, a stocking cap and HoHoHo earrings with something warm brewing or baking in the kitchen, a permanent soundtrack of carols and likely a (bad) Christmas movie on in the background, lighting a menorah in front of our twinkling tree, and savoring each and every moment of what I really consider to be the most wonderful time of the year… with lots of medications, mushy recipes, fancy creams, bandages, ice and rest. This winter, I’ve noticed my joy around the holidays to be even greater, a stark and oh so welcome contrast to the past three months of turmoil. So please allow this Jewish girl her Christmas bliss.

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