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Two Of My Favorite Things

December 7th, 2019


Ice cream and momma save the day! My mother is by my side amid unknown realities, medical mayhem, persistent pain, stressful decisions, psychological turmoil, daily necessities, shifting priorities, and extreme ups and downs — my one blessed constant in a life uprooted. Every day of the past three months has brought unwelcome new challenges, but the harrowing unexpected journey has also brought us infinitely closer — yielding profound understanding and unconditional acceptance, as I learn to more specifically articulate the foreign experiences I am forced to face and attempt to navigate, such that she better grasps what I am feeling or needing, gaining empathy and developing caretaking skills. While I cannot call this treacherous time a gift by any measure, my depths of gratitude for the enduring presence, immense capacity, infinite love and sheer strength of this superwoman have never been greater. We got locked outside tonight in the freezing cold rain, with the car and front door both locked and keys inside, but we made it through — together. This is us, Momma and Buni — and our trusty latest much-needed organic vegan ice cream discovery. #mommaandbuni

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