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Needles over Surgery

January 21, 2020


My surgeon is off searching for some special needle to be able to inject down to the bone… whilst I sit in his office trying not to worry about the pain, intensity or invasiveness of the looming facial procedure. I’m in the fiercely capable hands of a skilled sculptor of the human body (aka reconstructive and plastic surgeon) with every tool and technology at his fingertips — and the hurt and stress will soon be over, hopefully yielding further positive lasting results after swelling and bruising subside in a few days. He’s earned my absolute trust over the four months since my accident and I am focusing on the good news he’s just delivered: the injections are working to stimulate nerves and muscles, break up scar tissue, lift sagging skin, restore face shape and alleviate pain, even though the process itself is torture (as my doctor always reminds me, with a devious delightful twinkle in his eye). And if my face continues to respond well, he doesn’t think he’ll need to open it up to operate again in the foreseeable future! I’ll take needles over surgery any day.

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