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Walking, Wandering, Being

FEBRUARy 18, 2020


Walking. Wandering. Absorbing. Discovering. Being.

What was once just a regular way to get from here to there has now become a conscious, appreciated, deliberate activity which both requires my full attention and holds great value: walking. After my accident, I was only able to go where absolutely necessary: from my bed to the shower, the kitchen (if possible, otherwise meals were in bed), the car, the doctors’ offices. The experience was altogether difficult, painful and stressful. My head pounded non-stop from physical injuries and a concussion, my impaired vision made it hard to gain steady footing, my dizziness left me feeling as if I were going to collapse without warning, which happened on multiple occasions in less than optimal locales. As recovery progresses, I have begun to walk more, though still see a short stroll down the block as a win, even with frequent pauses. Light movement is surely good for my muscles and mind, and I am working to increase it slowly without pushing myself to overly exert a weak body amid still precarious health. I don’t need to cross any particular distance or reach any set destination at any certain speed within a given timeframe. I just need to keep going, keep moving, keep walking — and who knows what I may find within or beyond as I go forth.

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