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Counting My Blessings

October 27, 2019


Counting my blessings, as I share a pumpkin frozen yogurt with my momma. ✨🍦👭🎃 I started new medications this morning and after an initial adverse reaction, I gathered the courage to say yes to a short, simple Sunday afternoon outing. Holding her hand with my face covered, I braved the short drive to a nearby ice cream parlor and together ventured into the 100% organic vegan spot. A taste of rich seasonal flavors reminded me of the blessed onset of fall, the beauty of change, the faithful passage of time.


Today, I count my abundant blessings — even amid pain, PTSD, upended progress, and precarious personal health — as I say a prayer for all affected by raging fire across our state in both Northern and Southern California, for the Jewish community and all souls mourning one year since the Tree of Life massacre in Pittsburgh, for children and families in danger amid persistent unrest in Haiti, for my dear friends who just lost a beloved grandparent, for anyone feeling hurt, sadness or trauma anywhere at any level for any reason. My heart is with you. May a tiny bit of sweetness find its way to you.

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