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Taking Time To Heal

September 21, 2019


“Don’t be impatient with yourself.

Listen to that body of yours.

Do everything doctors say.

Get up very slowly.

Stay hydrated.

I love you.”


My grandmother imparted her sage wisdom, during our first conversation since my accident. I thought I was able to speak a tiny bit better this evening, thus asking my mom if we could call my grandma together. I wanted her to hear at least an utterance of my voice, reassurance that I’m hanging in there, on top of updates from my mother (aka current mouthpiece to the world) and snippets she gets from the family through my posts. When I said hello, she exclaimed with joy and well wishes, saying I’d been on her mind every second of every day. But whatever I attempted to articulate next was wholly incomprehensible to her, prompting the first “What” of many. My sweet momma began to translate the mumbles that she has somehow come to understand quite well, as only a mother can, into the phone. My grandmother responded with stories of her own emergency room visits, healing journeys and life as the wife of a physician raising two boys, peppering in advice all throughout. I listened intently, as I always do to the beloved mother of my father, and felt her words flow through my weary body. She knew I was there on the other end of the line, resting beside my mom as we chatted, grateful for the invaluable role she plays in my life, and counting down the days til we’re next together for our treasured family Christmas… a great incentive to listen to grandma’s wisdom and take the time to heal fully!

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