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Thank You.

October 27, 2019


You never know what your message is going to mean to me in the moment it is received — even singular positive affirmations. You cannot imagine how the words may resonate based on my headspace at the time — no matter the platform on which it is sent. You wouldn’t guess the impact the simplest gesture can make in a certain context — whether day or night amid these darkest of times.


These seemingly silly positive affirmation stickers and love notes my best friend Alysia left on the (organic, vegan, smoothie-ready, nutrition-packed) food she thoughtfully picked up for me palpably lifted my spirits. She knew I needed unexpected jolts of optimism right now and going forward.


It’s not only the gifts and care packages and handwritten cards that elevate me, it’s also the late night texts, checkins just because, Instagram messages that bring me to tears, meaningful Facebook comments, candid photos, love-filled voicenotes, silly memes, phone calls (even knowing I won’t pick up!) to let me know you’re thinking of me, recordings of you playing music, personal videos from daily life, everything. The generosity of spirit, energy and time from beloved lifelong friends, classmates from once upon a time, colleagues across many fields, people whose path I crossed ages ago, and complete and utter strangers is astounding, awe-inspiring and amazing.


I humbly thank you for being present and ask you to stay the course, for it truly makes a world of difference in my healing journey — not knowing where it will lead, when any semblance of stability may arrive, or how dark it can turn in an instant.

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