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  • erinschrode

Voices 4 Oceans

Migrants, refugees, immigrants, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, human beings are crossing oceans, seas, deserts, rivers, mountains right now — risking their lives, sacrificing everything. Trusting the water, the ocean, the waves to carry them to all-precious safety and opportunity. But there is no ‘them;' only one ‘us.' Oceans may separate land masses, but never people.


An honor to share a powerful, emotional story from my time in Lesvos, Greece as one of the #voices4oceans at a brilliant benefit for 5 Gyres alongside Eric Balfour Shiva Rose Steve Connell Danni Washington Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff Anna Cummins and passionate environmentalists.  Thanks Green With Tiffany for capturing this image in your Instagram story. Raise your voice for the oceans! #mermaid #oceanlover


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