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  • erinschrode

The 10th PGC

The TENTH annual Project Green Challenge starts today! My momma (here high-fiving brilliant PGC Finalists!) and I dreamt up the idea for this Turning Green program a decade ago — to inform, inspire and mobilize students worldwide to act on climate, champion environmental justice, stand for public health and change behavior through simple, fun, high impact themed daily challenges that take your life, home, campus and community from conventional to conscious.

Sign up at to join us today, spread the word, and follow along with @TurningGreenOrg #PGC2020 on Instagram for the next transformative 30 days. The time to act is NOW. A better world begins with YOU. And the next generation is our HOPE.

My momma and our fearless leader high-fiving students at last year's PGC Finals


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