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  • erinschrode

Young Alumni 2019

I am humbled to be the New York University Distinguished Young Alumni of 2019. Those words still seem surreal, as this honor is one of the greatest of my life. I was blessed with the gift of experiential education, a scholarship that allowed me to study on five continents, a rich foundation for life that changed my trajectory as an American, a global citizen, an activist — which eternally compels me to act, to serve, to do. May we all call upon ourselves and one another to be more, struggle more, strive for more, work more, believe, learn, want, expect, listen, study, absorb, unite, elevate, liberate, think, lead, love more, dream more, do more. This recognition is not mine alone, rather belonging to the village who raised, shaped and steward my unique purpose-driven journey, most specifically my mother Judi with whom I also shared my college diploma and graduation day.

Alongside Tony Award-winning legend Manny Azenberg from the class of 1955, world renown organic chemist Neil Garg, United States Congressman Hakeem Jeffries and Grammy-winning duo Chad King and Ian Axel, I am hugely inspired and deeply grateful to accept this honor as a proud member of the College of Arts and Sciences Class of 2013. I dreamt of going to NYU since the age of four — and hold this up for every little girl, any human of any age from anyplace and any background, with a dream of learning where, what and how their heart so desires!


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