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You Are What You Eat

Nutrition education. 🍴 Culinary skills. 🔪 Local food knowledge. 🥕 Eco stewardship. 🌎 Childhood health. 💪🏾 We do so much more than cook with #ChefsForPuertoRico. Our work on smart solutions to hunger and poverty leads to innovative collaborations like this Health and Nutrition Week at a school in Llorens Torres, one of San Juan’s largest public housing projects. All kids deserve quality nutrition, access to fresh food, and the skillset with which to prepare healthy meals. Our culminating event, food education fair, and feast for students, families and the community reinforced all of the values and knowledge kids gained in a hands-on, relevant, tangible, accesible way… and this is but the beginning. Thanks to Rising Stars Foundation for your commitment and collaboration. We are here to serve and support all, especially the next generation with sustainable systemic solutions — through the lens of food and agriculture. 


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