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  • erinschrode

World Mental Health Day

Darkness is real. Pain. Struggle. Confusion. Hopelessness. Failure. Despair. Trauma. Panic. Stress. Inadequacy. Anger. Defeat. Loneliness. A #WorldMentalHeathDay reminder that everything is not always sunshine, puppies, rainbows, and cotton candy — or whatever images of so-called bliss we’ve had forced upon us from all angles since childhood. Life is also not the picture perfect filtered smiling faces, gourmet local organic blah blah meals, breathtaking luxurious sites around the globe and exquisite/rewarding/epic/worldchanging snapshots you see on social media — my feed or anyone else’s. Remember that. You haven’t a clue what’s really happening in another person’s life at any given moment. And sometimes I/we don’t know either — or aren’t able or willing to understand, articulate, vocalize or share. #WorldMentalHealthDay is today, but the unimaginable realities of mental health challenges don’t start or stop. Always remember to check in on people around you, on those in a trying moment, on souls navigating difficult journeys, on anyone and everyone, even the optimistic, go-getter, purpose-driven, mover-shaker, powerful, vocal, loved and loving ones you look to for inspiration, strength, meaning and light. I love you. I see you. I’m with you.


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