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Why Americans Can't Wait to Vote This Year

I'm newly obsessed with podcasts… and Women's Health Magazine's Uninterrupted is stellar! Listen in on Uninterrupted's most recent episode, as I talk campaigning, grassroots action, and more.

by Caitlin Abber

At only 24, Erin is running for Congress in her home state of California, partly because she believes that as a young person, she is extremely well-equipped to represent the values and concerns of her peers.

“I believe that as young people, we have a better pulse on the future,” says Erin. “We understand the changing job landscape. We see the future of work. We know what real education reform requires.”

Erin also believes that young women are the most powerful political force right now, and she’s willing to go to bat against the older men who often hold the reigns of power.

Make sure to read more of Women's Health Mag and listen to Uninterrupted


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