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What The Heck Should I Eat?!

What the heck should I eat? I listen to Mark Hyman, MD— my longtime friend and international expert on all things food and medicine, which are one and the same. From sustainability-focused panels onstage at Expo West with natural products CEOs to intimate dinners in DC with federal electeds talking food policy change to celebrating being alive by dancing in the dust at Burning Man, Mark and I have shared many wonderful moments over the years — and I look forward to many more in our future. Catching up on the phone and drafting this new piece for Tyler Florence’s was a treat and full of important reminders about how to eat for health now and always. You want these tips, trust me.

Sneak a peek here, then read it all at…/food-to-feel-good-dr-mark-hyman-weighs-in... oh, and watch that space for much more from TF and all soon!


What the heck should I eat? What will help my immunity? What does optimal nutrition look like in the time of the Coronavirus? 

“It all starts with eliminating the bad stuff and adding in the good stuff,” says Dr. Mark Hyman. A practicing physician, longtime champion of functional medicine, international expert and best-selling author, including the new Food Fix, Hyman has dedicated his life to food as medicine.  In this mind, they’re one and the same.

Hyman’s philosophy is quite simple. Health requires a combined approach to nutrition and lifestyle, like eating a real, whole foods, unprocessed diet; managing stress; incorporating movement; finding calm.  Right now in particular, that list also includes staying home, practicing social distancing and good hygiene. 

Proper nutrition is at the heart of this, as it fortifies the body to fight, optimizes functionality, regulates systems, and renews healthy cells, he explains. Despite debate, Dr. Hyman believes experts agree on the common sense importance of real, whole, local (whenever possible), fresh, unadulterated, unprocessed food.

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