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What The Conscious Kitchen Means

Do you really stand for justice, for equity, for safety, for freedom, for opportunity? Well, what are you doing about it? I want to hear. Today, whilst hundreds courageously took a knee on the field, I was proud to continue to live my values, serve my community, and make a tangible real world difference with The Conscious Kitchen.

We hosted a Turning Green / TCK garden work day at the public elementary school where we launched our pilot program over four years ago, a ground-breaking 100% organic, locally-sourced, scratch-cooked school food program in a district where 95% of the students qualify for free-and-reduced lunch. We run a supplementary garden and nutrition program – and today, dozens of volunteers came to school to give their time and energy to weed, to harvest, to plant, to compost, to mulch, to build, to clip, to dig, to create something that makes a tangible positive difference in the lives of young people, health, wellness, academics, discipline, attendance, teacher-student relationships, families, and the greater Marin City community. 

The Conscious Kitchen offers systemic solutions to the pressing societal crises and challenges of institutionalized racism, food justice, childhood health, regenerative agriculture, local economies, cycles of poverty, education reform, youth leadership, and climate change, among many many many more.

I have dirt under my fingernails and could. not. be. happier. It is a true privilege to work alongside a brilliant, committed, thoughtful team of mover-shakers who show up for the students that need it most, who recommit to the never-ending work of justice, who take on challenges at the grassroots, business, media and legislative levels, who believe in the power of collaborative action to bring about a better world.

We can. We should. We must. And all change begins with us, today, here.

PS Come volunteer here with us in Marin City!


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