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  • erinschrode

What #iSTANDfor

#iSTANDfor our earth – for climate action, public health, human rights. I took the stage to speak on how's it's ALL interconnected.

The campaign is a global initiative presented by the Onassis Foundation to inspire youth to action - and to stand up for what they believe in, creating the next generation of catalysts for change. The campaign has become a global conversation for change, asking millions of social media users what it is that THEY stand for. 

Climate action, public health, and human rights are all intricately connected - and issues that I will ALWAYS stand for. 

#iSTANDfor encourages writers, artists, entrepreneurs - everyone - to share what they stand for and WHY. I had the privilege of speaking with some incredible people sharing their stories and journeys, as well as what it is that they're fighting for every day. For some, it's issues such as cultural access; for others, storytelling - there are so many incredible stories that were shared at the panel! I'm immensely grateful to have gotten the opportunity to share my thoughts for a brighter, more just future. 

Learn more about the #iSTANDfor campaign via Onassis!


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