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  • erinschrode

What Is Happening??

What. Is. Happening. In. Our. World? My head is spinning, my heart aching, my soul troubled, my mind confused, as I attempt to keep straight and make sense of the ever-breaking news and insane Twitter feeds. Staying focused on anything is near impossible with the current state of our nation and a President with zero regard for the constitution or rule of law. Votes are STILL being counted here in Georgia to force a gubernatorial runoff (Stacey Abrams is sooo close to pushing Kemp below the 50% threshold), in Florida to force a Senate recount (Senator Bill Nelson is within the .5% margin), in Arizona to flip a Senate seat blue (where Krysten Sinema has taken the lead!). Since Election Day (aka in two days that feel like an eternity), Trump has fired Attorney General Sessions and appointed acting AG Whitaker unconstitutionally, a Trump loyalist who has publicly denounced the critical independent Mueller investigation and inexplicably denied Russian interference in US elections; Press Secretary Sanders shared a doctored video to justify stripping journalist Jim Acosta of his credentials in another blatant attack on the free press, while Trump threatens, demeans and insults others, mainly reporters of color and women; various members of the GOP (in Florida, Georgia, Arizona, elsewhere, including the President) are threatening legal action to PREVENT votes from simply being counted and/or falsely claiming fraud, reprehensible voter suppression techniques that directly infringe on rights people have died for; Supreme Court justice (and national treasure) Ruth Bader Ginsburg cracked three ribs and was hospitalized; two viscous wild fires are ripping through Northern and Southern California burning towns to the ground and sending citizens fleeing for their lives; the President is set to effectively ban innocent mothers, children, people from even seeking asylum at the US border, irrespective of tragic, violent or unlivable circumstances, if they hail from certain countries; and another mass shooting by a white man that took the lives of 12 beautiful souls in a Thousand Oaks bar barely makes headlines. May their memory be a blessing and may we find a way to come together, to work for justice, to pass laws that ensure a safe, healthy, just, sane place for all — and be a light unto our world.


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