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What If a Millennial Ran for Congress? - Cornell University

What IF a millennial ran for congress? What if YOU ran for office? What if more of US entered public service? I'm at @CornellUniversity tonight to speak to students about the importance of getting involved in advocacy, policy, and government in the here and now... why I ran and why we all can/must/will. #stepup #speakout #daretodo

"Never in a million years did I think that what began as a group of ragtag teens around our kitchen table would become a thriving national non-profit thriving twelve years later: @turninggreenorg." I don't know if that's exactly what I was saying when this photo was snapped of me speaking at Cornell, but close to it. I'm so clearly IN the moment, passionately communicating with students about the origins of our organization (pictured in the collage of images behind me on the slide). Turning Green is why I am who I am, where I learned what I stand for, how I developed the skills with which to inspire, educate, mobilize and organize, what work and impact makes me proud. Turn passion into action! Start something that matters! Make a difference locally and beyond! 

Thank you for hosting me @CornellUniversity @HillelIntl @CornellHillel and for valuing these messages! #preach #makeithappen

One of the great gifts of crisscrossing this country to engage in meaningful offline dialogue and speak at a multitude of forums before diverse audiences is meeting extraordinary humans. I believe in the power of small groups of thoughtful committed citizens, in the goodness of people - and this man is one remarkable soul. 

Have you ever played a duet on a baby grand with a dear friend late at night in a room this exquisite? When neither of you actually play piano? With age-old portraits and busts looking on? After giving a magical speech on an Ivy campus? And jimmyrigging an iPhone camera self timer? Yeah, this is happening and I am loving every moment, every element, everything about it.


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