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We The People

Todos somos Puerto Rico. 🇵🇷 I’m with my boricua herman@s today (and always) in strength, solidarity and spirit. #RickyRenuncia! 💪🏾👊🏼🙏🏿 To all who are able to take to the streets in the name of justice at this pivotal moment for not only our island, but wronged populations the world over: I humbly thank you. Do good. Be safe. Fight like hell. Love big. Speak truth. Rise up. Unite peacefully. Channel rage. Stay faithful. Affect change.

In the streets of Puerto Rico en masse and cities across the country and around the world, here on Facebook, trending globally on Twitter, even all over Instagram, people from all walks of life, backgrounds and political parties are standing together in powerfully, rightfully and repeatedly calling on Governor Ricardo Roselló to resign NOW. 🗣 I will continue to share and elevate content from Puerto Rican voices bravely and boldly exercising their right to protest, as generations have needed to do far too many times for far too many reasons throughout time, leading us all by example, and fighting for the island, its people, our values, morality, liberty, justice! Los amo.

[Photos of what’s currently unfolding in San Juan via Yareli David @meduusa_! We, the people!]


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