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  • erinschrode

We Only Have One Planet.

Just like I only have one body, we only have one planet. As I am seeing my own self injured, maimed and traumatized since my accident, I am reminded of the delicate fragility and critical importance of health, of balance, of wholeness. We cannot afford to allow industries, governments, corporations or society to poison our waters, contaminate our air, destroy our forests, waste our resources, endanger any species for but a moment longer. Without a habitable earth, what are we? Where will we exist? How can our children survive, let alone thrive? Today’s global #ClimateStrike is a powerful, pointed and pivotal reminder that we all can and must stand together in unity, take definitive action, listen to scientific truths, advocate strategically, harness individual and collective strength, and fight like hell for what we believe in at a time of veritable climate crisis. I just stepped outside to take in the majesty of Mother Earth, appreciate all that she provides and send my gratitude, solidarity and spirit to the young forces of nature who are boldly marching across communities, countries and continents today — for those of us who cannot (me at the top of that list!), for those without a voice, for those not yet awakened, for those generations to come.👊🏽🌍🗣♻️🙏🏾 Tell me where you or your kids are marching! I’m eager to know and send all the good energy I can muster. 🤕✨💪🏽 #ActOnClimate #FridaysForFuture


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