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  • erinschrode

We MUST Vote.

Two facts:

1) There is no “terrorist” caravan and it is certainly not charging the southern border. 2) Arriving at a border and asking for asylum is fully legal under United States and international law.

Trump’s vicious lies are escalating in intensity, toxicity, frequency, scope and absurdity, though the blatant fallacies go largely unchecked in mainstream and social media, perpetuate dangerous schools of thought and action, and rally an increasingly extremist base only two weeks before the critical midterm election. Even the President himself said “there’s no proof of anything” today, in reference to his fear-mongering, bogus claims about “unknown" Middle Easterners infiltrating the migrant caravan to gain illegal access to the United States and commit acts of terror. Thousands of brave, innocent souls — many mothers, children, even infants — are risking their physical and mental safety, giving up all possessions and livelihood, and leaving behind the only homes they have ever known to flee unimaginable violence and terror for an inconceivably arduous journey that may offer but a silver of opportunity, hope, peace.

Don't forget this. Don't overlook the lies. Don't normalize this presidency. Don’t succumb to fear. Don’t stand by idly. Don’t not vote.


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