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  • erinschrode

We Have the Power!

Democratic control of the House is massive. Leadership of the intelligence, judiciary and oversight committees will directly check and challenge the President and his administration. A wave of women has given us the highest female representation in history with new Native American, Jewish, black, Muslim, Latina, LGBTQ, veteran, under-30 members of Congress. Gavin Newsom is our Governor in California and Jennifer Siebel Newsom our powerhouse First Lady. We flipped red seats blue that had been held for over 40 years in the heart of this country. We won meaningful local races in the cities and towns where politics directly affects our daily lives. Criminal justice and election reform gained ground through historic state propositions. Ballots are still being counted in Stacey Abrams' gubernatorial race here in Georgia. Yes, I too wanted victories for Beto O'Rourke in Texas and Andrew Gillum in Florida and to see more blue on congressional maps, but the incredible hard work, dedication and strategy that went into the midterms has paved a powerful path for new candidates, diverse campaigns, stronger movements.

This election reflects the state of a severely divided country, but the power is ours. Focus on what we can do. And get to work. Vote at the polls today, and through word and deed tomorrow. Breathe deep. Find reasons to smile. Engage civically. Believe. Unite. Love. Stay the course. There is no other way.


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