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  • erinschrode

We Can - We Must - Stay The Course

Puerto Rico, October 2018. 🇵🇷 The images of the destruction caused by Hurricane Michael seem unreal. My brain struggles to remember the degree to which Puerto Rico was leveled in the wake of Maria, catastrophic devastation akin to current realities for towns in the Florida panhandle that faced the worst of unimaginable winds, rains, storm surges. As if I needed a striking real world reminder, I came across what remains of this home while driving across the island just now, over a year after Hurricane Maria ripped across coastal and mountain communities alike. Rebuilding and recovering from both the physical and the spirit losses is an infinitely more complex, harrowing, behemoth task than anyone can forsee. But it is possible. And we will stay the course with and for our brothers and sisters on the arduous, unexpected, circuitous journey.


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