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We Are Here to Serve

Conscious Kitchen, meet World Central Kitchen!🥕🤝🥘If you know me, you know that service and food are my life. And I am beyond proud to be expanding our hot, nutritious meal service across the local Marin City community with the support of WCK, my dear brother Chef José Andrés, my grassroots activist momma Judi, and our brilliant team on the ground every day.🔪🥕🥘👨🏽‍🍳🍴🙏🏾We are purchasing organic ingredients from farmers and purveyors; scratch-cooking in our closed school kitchens; delivering fresh, delicious breakfast, lunches and dinners daily to students, families, seniors, vulnerable populations, all; and scaling up to meet rising need amid the Coronavirus crisis. Collaboration is the only way. Nutrition is absolutely critical. Chefs are true heroes (like our Head Chef Guillaumein this wonderful photo he sent me from the CK today and the incomparable force of nature that is José Andrés!). Kitchens are hubs for community resiliency. We have been, are and will be here to serve. #ChefsForAmerica


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