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  • erinschrode

University of Wisconsin-Madison

While I was the speaker at today’s University of Wisconsin-Madison leadership luncheon, answering questions from the students who organized it made me remember the power of and importance in youth leadership. These young people best understand how to approach activism on campuses today because they live and breathe college life with this next generation. So we must first listen, then offer multifaceted support, and collaborate to build meaningful, relevant, impactful efforts, networks and movements.

Tonight, I spoke to University of Wisconsin-Madison Greek Life about leadership. 🗣👭🤝 The half hour speech was fantastic — and the extended “sisterhood” conversations that followed were simply extraordinary. I don’t just travel around the country to talk talk talk; I show up to engage with, listen to, answer questions from and offer specific, relevant wisdom that best supports students where they are in that moment. And tonight, I got to do just that! Thank you for welcoming me, sharing with me and trusting me with stories of both personal and professional journeys. The final group of girls walked out with me hours after the event began, saying “wow, wisdom comes when you least expect it,” “it’s the little changes that matter,” and “this made me feel a lot less overwhelmed.” Yassss. These young leaders are not only doing the work, but also deliberately reflecting upon it and learning to confidently articulate their passions and purposes in a way that authentically encourages peers and the greater public to join positive, inclusive movements for social change! That is true leadership.


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