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Turning Green PGC Finals 2016

In need of inspiration at this moment in time? I certainly am. And our Turning Green students have once again delivered in the most wondrous of ways!

What a gift to be together with my momma and sixteen of the most powerful, articulate, motivated next generation changemakers I have ever had the privilege of meeting. 

This weekend is my favorite each and every year - when our brand new class of Project Green Challenge Finalists descends upon the Bay Area for four days of inspiration, education and action. After excelling in our non-profit's annual monthlong eco lifestyle competition, these young powerhouses come in from high schools and colleges all around the globe to share with and learn from esteemed leaders across business, policy, science and advocacy. 

We welcomed sixteen inspiring 2016 finalists 18 speakers 11 mentors 10 judges and 6 student ambassadors to PGC this year. We announced the winners on Sunday evening; Tamsin Stringer, PGC 2016 Champion is from Bloomington High School in Bloomington, IN, 2nd Place, Maria Perez (Team GreenPrint) from Pajaro Valley High School in Watsonville, CA, and 3rd Place, Taylor Carrobis from The Derryfield School in Manchester, NH!

Sneak a peek at our weekend together...

...and learn about what inspires this incredible team of do-ers to action. 

Some highlights from this incredible PGC Class of 2016...

There's hope for our world yet - and it lies in the beauty, commitment and proactivity of faces, minds and hearts like these. Onwards together with gratitude, humility and optimism.


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