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Turn Up the Speakers

Let’s do a math problem: Walking to class, driving to work, working out, dancing on the weekend, what’s the greatest common denominator? Music! So pop in those headphones, turn the volume up (but not too high!) because we’re about to drop some wisdom about the latest in music tech.

We hope you’ve kept the adaptor to your new iPhone 7 charger port because House of Marley has state-of-the-art headphones that will blow Apple away. No matter how you like to wear your headphones: In, on, over-ear and even wireless, you’ll stay connected with the music that defines you all day long. Marley knows materials matter, so their products are made with bamboo, recyclable aluminum, and recycled paper, for superior quality and style.


Hear the difference in your acoustic albums with Vers Q1 wood speakers for a natural, refreshing sound in a world of digitized music. For every speaker sold, they’ll plant a tree! Where better to listen to your music than sitting under one with a couple of friends? Or try iBamboo speakers made from one of the most sustainable materials around. Made compatible for your iPhone, the hollow resonance of the bamboo amplifies smooth sounds, no electricity needed! 

Any way you listen, make sure to recharge your devices at the end of the day so they’re ready for the next. Unplug from outlets when you can to save a bit of electricity, and even enjoy a moment of silence whenever possible.


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