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  • erinschrode

The Safety and Comfort of Home

I spent my entire day outside at home today: weeding, planting seeds, turning soil and trimming bushes in the yard that has become our slow, yet steady weekend project throughout quarantine. I fully recognize what a profound blessing it is to have this space, this land, this nature in the safety and comfort of my home. And today, I took on the project of weeding, sweeping up glass (an old table), and removing rotten wooden from the deck atop our house, which is blessedly situated among the treetops — with privacy and light and expansive views of the Bay and Mt Tam, til the fog rolls in each night. It’s now 8pm — and I just rinsed myself of mud and dirt and earthly goodness, listened to Barack Obama’s inspiring and necessary and desperately missed inspirational words with my beautiful momma, and howled outside alongside the entirety of our Mill Valley community to honor frontline workers. I’m breathing deeply and feeling immense gratitude for my life, blessings, grounding, connections and health on this Saturday.


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