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  • erinschrode

The Reality in America

"It’s hard being black in this country when your life is not valued… I keep telling my kids they can be free.” I cry with Bakari Sellers, I cry for Bakari Sellers. And his kids. And black parents. And black children. But this is not about me or my tears. It’s about racism and white supremacy, about police brutality and systemic oppression, about hatred and pain, about imbalance of power and injustice. I wish this weren't the reality in America — that black men and women weren’t dying in our streets, threatened daily for their existence by police and the public, suffering under and exhausted by systems of institutionalized racism — and that Bakari's words never had to be spoken. But I implore you to watch and to act. Listen to, love and learn from black people; support, stand with and show up for black lives; be an ally, an advocate, an anything (!) for equal justice. And vote.


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