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The Joy Effect

I am deeply grateful and honored for the support of my friends. This time, it takes the form of love and a shoutout from my dear friend Joy in her topnotch newsletter The Joy Effect

On my way to further future once again this year.. It's a festival outside of Vegas and this time last year Dan Fredinburg had just passed away while climbing mount everest and our friends decided we were going to come together at this festival to celebrate his life

I included what I wrote last year below.

For those staying in LA this weekend you MUST go meet one of my best friends Erin Schrode who is running for Congress. No big deal. 25 year old badass activist woman I love is taking a big step and I am so excited to have someone who would represent young America.

I could write a lot of stuff about politics but Im going to save it for another time. I will say that it's time for us to speak our mind and come together and create the world that we want to live in. It is a people's nation and we do have a say.

So please go meet Erin! Invite your friends. Give her the biggest hug from me thank her for being brave and courageous and get inspired.

There's a free afternoon event and a fundraiser evening event. Because apparently you need money to run..which I don't really understand but that's the world we live in right now.. So let's get more of our people in there to shake things up.



Make sure to visit The Joy Effect!


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