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The Incredible Sights, Sounds, and Eats of Abu Dhabi

Religion can be a beautiful thing. May we learn to harness its power for good, for harmony, for unity, for creativity, for justice, for equality, for peace. The stillness here at The Great Mosque in Abu Dhabi is a spectacular contrast to the mad pace of our world right now and a necessary reminder to breathe. It is a rare and exquisite moment when things align — and moreover, when we bear witness.

Food in the Middle East never ever disappoints! A proper feast greeted us in Abu Dhabi… hummus, grape leaves, beets, fattoush, watercress, zatar, all the veggies! We then enjoyed one of the best brunches of all time at an organic oasis called Wheatfields UAE. It proved a veritable heaven for my vegan glutenfree self… avocado toast, acai bowl, caramelizad banana pancakes, veggie shakshuka, spirulina cacao chia pudding, fresh coconut, everything with all the flavor and none of the sacrifice. And I discovered Tawa Bakery, a 100% glutenfree bakery with a vegan menu. How could we miss that? Bonus: the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever tried.

So for all who say a vegan diet is hard while on the go or in faraway lands, I give you just a few of the plant-based wonders in the Emirates thus far…

Abu Dhabi is a wild place — a land of contrasts, juxtapositions, extremes, collisions. On a 24 hour stopover in 110° heat, we spoke with people from Uganda, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Ukraine, India, England, Philippines, Mexico, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Australia, all of whom had come to the Emirates to work. It was fascinating to hear their stories against a backdrop of opulence, skyscrapers, grandeur and luxury. Global migration patterns shed light on where our world has been and is going — and I love delving into conversations with strangers-turned-newfound friends.


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