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The Grass is Cleaner on This Side

Does environmentalism ever overwhelm you? Climate change seem like all doom and gloom? Eco action appear out of reach? Every time you drive your car or get carry out, we know you’re not thinking about your carbon footprint. Consider these alternatives as a shortcut to a more efficient way of living, without compromising any of your precious time, and a greener, cleaner future!

It’s time to come clean about what’s in your household “cleaning” products. Seventh Generation is serious about your right to know what you’re spraying on counters or washing dishes and hands with. No dyes, synthetic fragrances or unnecessary chemicals. Good news for us and many generations down the line.

Dr. Bronner’s "All-One" motto stands true with their 18-in-one cleaner for your face, body, hair, dishes, laundry, pets, floors…just about any cleaning task! As the top-selling soap in the natural marketplace, this Doctor upholds the strictest industry standards with no greenwashing hype. 

Do certain smells bring back vivid memories, or is that just me? EO products understands how powerful smell can be on your mood and the overall atmosphere of a room. Their aromatherapy essential oils are made from organic plant extracts and will relax you as soon as you step in the door. Fancy a bath? Try their Geranium and Sweet Orange salt bath soak and let your mind reboot.

If you’re striving for a zero waste lifestyle, packaging is a difficult one, as it usually turns into garbage within seconds of opening. The Simply Co. offers chemical and waste-free laundry detergent: one bottle does a whopping 60 loads of laundry and you get to keep the decorative glass jar! 


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