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The Future of the Democratic Party - ABC News

Did you tune into ABC News for our live debate coverage?! What a night in the studio. What an election in this country. What a moment in history. Over 80 million people watched the biggest debate of all time!

Catch the clip… as I cover all things politics, wholly denounce Trump, call for representation in government, speak to generational concerns and divides, talk Sanders and Warren (and Stein and Johnson too), preach about the environment and education, AND casually mention that I invited Hillary and Chelsea to my fifth birthday party.

"It's not a choice in my mind; we are dealing with one candidate who is wholly unqualified, unfit to be president." My fellow US Citizens, I beg of you on air and off: please vote on November 8th!

And here are some of my Snapchat videos from the evening.

And of course, this gem. #NEVERTRUMP!

Make sure to check out more of ABC News!


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